Instead of paying large sums for service or putting off service until you can afford them, we provide service financing to help you afford the service your vehicle needs when you need it. By financing through Sunbit, you can create a flexible finance plan to pay for any of your service expenses. The extra flexibility in your budget could be perfect for ensuring you schedule needed service and don't go over budget.

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Convenient Online Approval

You can get approved for service financing in as little as 30 seconds by following the intuitive steps. While you will have to provide aspects of your financial profile and history, you can rest assured that up to 90 percent of applicants are approved. You can simply follow the online steps to get approved without any paperwork or on-site visits.

Personalize Your Payment Plan

Once you have been approved, you can choose between three-, six-, or twelve-month flexible payment plans to home in on the option that suits your lifestyle and budget best. Even after you have decided on a plan, you can still check your balance, change between plans, or pay off your balance early.

There are no hidden fees or costs so that you can be sure that what you agree to is what you will get.

Certified Ford Service

When it's time to service your Ford model, you don't want to go just anywhere. Our Ford-authorized service center provides specialized equipment and certified technicians to ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs. You can expect short wait times and service to be completed right the first time with us.

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