When most people see the Ford Transit Connect Wagon, they see a work vehicle made for hauling cargo or people from place to place for businesses; however, the Baby Boomer generation is getting a lot of use out of this vehicle too! The 2018 model gained a lot of traction among those borne between 1946 and 1964 because of how many of them grew up driving vans, and now Ford has redesigned the 2019 Transit Connect Wagon with these baby boomers in mind.



Combining affordability, fun, and an easy-to-use mentality, the Transit Connect Wagon has been an easy choice for the active 50+ crowd and, since one in three Boomers plan to purchase a new vehicle in the next three years according to AARP, it's the perfect chance for Ford to get even more fans.

Offering room for five to seven passengers, tons of cargo space, all-new gas and diesel engine options, plenty of driver-assist technologies, and even more safety features, the upcoming 2019 Transit Connect Wagon is an easy pick for older drivers looking to stay out on the road and stay safe as well.

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